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Organizing for Action is the grassroots movement fighting for the agenda Americans voted for in 2012. In Nevada, volunteers are organizing to make our voices heard on the issues that matter most, from national fights like immigration reform and climate change, to local issues.

You can support OFA – Nevada and help amplify your voice by joining others in donating a retweet from your Twitter account, or a shared link from your Facebook account—and it all happens automatically.

How does it work?

• For each tweet or a Facebook post you donate, OFA – Nevada and followers.
• Donated tweets and Facebook posts are made on your terms and can be undone, by you, at any time. You decide how often you want to participate by selecting from the Gold/Silver/Bronze levels when you sign up.
• All messages rebroadcast on your behalf will be clearly attributed to OFA - Nevada, never your personal account.
• You maintain complete control of your accounts—donating tweets and Facebook posts does not give anyone else access to your login information or passwords.

By adding your voice, you can help spread the message about the crucial work Nevadans like you are doing on the issues that matter most.

Sign up now!

Thank you,

Team OFA – Nevada