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The Sparrow Project is a grassroots publicity & creative direction agency. We help amplify marginalized voices within grassroots activism, social justice movements, and the arts.

Sparrow recognizes that to stay ahead of our corporate opposition within the PR game we not only need tight, timely, forward-thinking press releases, we also need our message to have a social lift.

More then ever mainstream media outlets are allowing social trends on platforms like twitter and facebook dictate their headlines. This makes it all the more important that the important messages of those who fight for social change are not buried in the minutiae but are rather hoisted and amplified, this is where you come in...

By donating your twitter or facebook account you will be allowing our press releases, breaking lead lines, and activist talking points, to have an increased social lift. Your influence will contribute to our influence.

You can play a part in reclaiming the media, join us and donate your account today!

All the best,
Andy Stepanian

The Sparrow Project